Elias Holzknecht

Elias Holzknecht (93) lebt zwischen Hannover und Längenfeld. Er arbeitet als freier Fotograf und studiert Fotojournalismus und Dokumentarfotografie in Hannover. Seine Bilder wurden in Hannover, Perpignan, Schwerin, Monschau und Berlin ausgestellt. Er hat an Workshops mit den Agenturen Magnum und Noor teilgenommen.

Instagram 0043 664 123 6921

new alpine landscape

This project is a portrait of the winter-tourism that has been and is still going.

In an age of climate change, this project describes the relationship between human mankind and nature on the micro perspective of emerging new alpine landscapes. Ever since the winter temperatures have been rising in the alpine regions, the ski tourism industry had to find its ways to make up for the arising lack of snow. They developed technologies to produce artificial snow and by that invented a new, a better nature. Regardless of whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter – indoor ski slopes offer an absolute guarantee of snow – 365 days a year.